About Dana

Dana is a Speech Language Pathologist with Over 20 Years of Experience

Combining assistive technology with speech language pathology has always been Dana's niche and passion. After spending years teaching students how to use "traditional" technology tools in the classroom, Dana made it her mission to find different tools that would capture students' interest and would provide them with the foundation to succeed beyond anyone's expectations, including their own.

Dana is a Leader in the Field of Assistive Technology

Dana has presented on the topic of "iPads as an Assistive Technology Tool" for many private and public schools, school boards and agencies across Ontatio and as far away as London, England and Bermuda.

Dana Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk

What makes Dana different is that she herself is a parent of three children who  learn "differently." She and her children use the iPad to help them with their everyday tasks at school, work, home and elsewhere. Not only does she teach assistive technology, but she lives it in her personal life too, giving her a realistic perspective about what works and what doesn't.