Welcome to Dana Sahian, SLP

Welcome to Dana Sahian, SLP

Welcome to Dana Sahian, SLPWelcome to Dana Sahian, SLP

Where Speech Language Pathology and Assistive Technology Come Together to Help People with Learning Differences.


We are still here for you during this pandemic! 

Students with diverse learning needs might be struggling more than ever with this new at-home learning. We have to remember that even though they are not in the classroom, their need for accommodations and modifications still exists. Parents, teachers and other caregivers, please feel free to contact me with your questions and I will do my best to help provide suggestions and solutions. 

More information on how  we might be able to help you with your child’s at-home learning.

We are all in this together!


SLP4ALL‘s Response to COVID-19

As of today (March 22, 2020), we are not providing any in-office/in-person sessions.  

We will,  however,  be continuing to provide service using Zoom  on-line technology!

True  Fact:  We have been providing on-line sessions for several years now to clients in remote communities and to clients in areas where Assistive Technology services do not exist, so this is not new to us! 

Zoom is a great online tool that not only allows us to see each other, but also allows us to view each other’s screens, making it a perfect platform for on-line Assistive Technology training. 

To learn more about SLP4ALL and our on-line sessions, please contact:

info@slp4all.com or 


Stay safe and healthy during this difficult time. 

Dana Sahian and Team


Computers vs. iPads as Assistive Technology Tools

Assistive Technology on the iPad

Check out some of the amazing things students can do on the iPad for school!!!! The tools are also great for busy parents, people in the work place and people with various abilities and disabilities.

Believe. Empower. Succeed.





Dana believes that ALL students can benefit from learning how to integrate technology into their daily lives. Thus, in addition to supporting students on IEPs with Verbal and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and other learning differences, she also works with "non-identified" students, parents, teachers and other professionals. 

Dana Sahian has two locations, one in Toronto and one in Thornhill. 

Can't get to us? On-line services are also an option!

Confident girl showing her iPad to others.




Dana, a Toronto-based Speech Language Pathologist, LOVES working with students with diverse learnning needs and feels blessed to be able to watch her students gain skills and confidence as they learn how to make assistive technology a part of their everyday lives. Recommendations are always made based on each student's unique learning needs and style. On-site assistive technology training is provided in Thornhill, with on-line services available as well.





All students have the right to shine and to reach their full potential, and when students have the right supports, the sky is the limit. It’s about knowledge, self-advocacy and confidence. When students have all three of these, they are on the road to success!